Improving Business Development through Cloud Telephony

Improving Business Development through Cloud Telephony

In today’s customer-centric business landscape, staying ahead requires embracing advanced technology that can streamline operations. Cloud Telephony Solutions has emerged as a game-changer, enabling businesses to automate and expedite sales processes

For a long time, businesses capitalized on on-premise contact centers to accomplish the task; however, changes in consumer behavior demand more strategic and intuitive solutions. Cloud Telephony is one solution that is actively making progress in customer support with post-sale follow-ups, and improving overall business development.

Cloud telephony offers valuable features, grants seamless customer engagement, and brings automated support and sales operations while ensuring better integration with the CRM.

Benefits of using Cloud Telephony Services for Modern-day Business


Cloud telephony solutions will be a prime tool for establishing contact centers in the future. They will transform the face of the industry and save dramatic capital and operational costs for businesses. Here is a detailed look into the benefits of cloud telephony India for modern-day businesses.

  1. Faster Business Setup

With no particular infrastructure required, cloud telephony can be deployed quickly and takes less transition time, unlike its on-premise counterpart, which involves enormous setup costs and time.

  1. Flexibility

Cloud telephony services are highly flexible in their work. Agents can work from anywhere in the country; the fact allows businesses to function from anywhere and hire people from various parts of the country.

  1. Low Investment

With the low deployment cost, cloud telephony is a great asset to medium and small-scale companies. Organizations are not required to invest a fortune in buying an office or building essential infrastructure to commence operations.

  1. High Scalability

Companies can downsize or upscale their operations as per different business scenarios. During crisis or growth phases, the scalability factor allows a contact center to function as usual with well-contained challenges.

  1. Cost-Effective

The capital investment involved in initiating an on-premise contact center can be immense, and the ROI might take years to deliver the desired results. Virtual cloud telephony services bring down the investment required in setting up a traditional system down to a single software subscription.

  1. Mobility

A virtual agent can work from multiple locations and can be accessed at any time. This allows your business to set up offices in numerous locations and hire agents without investing a fortune.

  1. Highly Customized

Cloud telephony solutions are highly flexible when it comes to their utility. The software is designed to suit your business and industry best. Any existing integration can be easily incorporated into cloud software.

  1. One Window to Inbound and Outbound Functionalities

Agents can monitor inbound and outbound calls, chats, emails, etc. through a single dashboard. This keeps uniformity in operation and customer information stored and protected.


Cloud telephony continues to redefine the business communication landscape, catering to diverse industry needs and providing comprehensive solutions for efficient and effective customer engagement. Tevatel is a prime provider of Cloud Telephony India with its product doocti. If you’re seeking comprehensive cloud telephony services to enhance your customer engagement, doocti stands out as the optimal choice. Schedule a free demo call to witness how doocti can address your current challenges and simplify your business communication.