Information Security

All Tevatel Data is stored in industry-leading modern data centers monitored 24/7.

At Tevatel we take information security seriously. Our customers’ data is encrypted and stored in industry-leading and safe data centers benefiting from some of the strongest information security standards in the industry.

  • Data is encrypted during transmissions between our customers and the server;
  • Communications through our web interface are fully encrypted with the latest TLS version;
  • Passwords are never stored for internal purposes;
  • Customers’ credit card information is not stored by Tevatel and is directly sent to our payment processor.

Tevatel Data Centers

Tevatel solely uses secured data centers provided by Amazon Web Services. These data centers provide high levels of security in all jurisdictions. The redundancy of the infrastructure ensures that customer data is safe by allowing for efficient disaster recovery procedures.

Tevatel’s doocti Application Security


Tevatel’s doocti passed an in-depth security audit, using best practices code scanners (BURP). Each version release and every year.

Tevatel Internal Security

Tevatel’s infrastructure is constantly monitored both by internal and external teams. Regular penetration tests are conducted periodically by independent teams of professionals.