Explore the Future of Communication Through Tevatel’s Cloud Telephony Solutions

Explore the Future of Communication Through Tevatel’s Cloud Telephony Solutions

As businesses evolve, the need for effective and cost-efficient communication solutions becomes increasingly necessary. Cloud telephony services have emerged as a transformative solution, reshaping how businesses engage with their customers and partners. Let’s delve into the technology of cloud telephony and its diverse impact on various industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and E-commerce.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony, powered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a communication system that operates via the Internet. It provides a collection of tools and applications to streamline business communications, offering features like call forwarding and call analytics. Cloud telephony enhances communication capabilities, empowering customer engagement growth for businesses.

How Cloud Telephony Transforms Business Communication?

Operational Flexibility

Cloud telephony allows seamless scaling of operations, enabling the integration of remote workers from any location. Its inherent flexibility empowers agents to connect with customers from diverse settings, creating a dynamic and adaptable work environment.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost-effective nature of cloud telephony eliminates the need for physical hardware and office space, making it an accessible and affordable solution. Low outbound call charges and reduced fees for international calls contribute to significant cost savings.

Reliability and Consistency

With redundant network infrastructure and multiple data centers, cloud telephony ensures uninterrupted service, even during natural disasters. Quality of Service (QoS) implementation guarantees high audio quality and minimal delays, enhancing overall communication consistency.

Integration with Other Communication Channels

Seamless integration with other platforms such as SMS and Email facilitates streamlined communication and data management, optimizing workflows and enhancing customer interactions.

Advanced Call Management Features

Features such as Call Forwarding, Call Routing, and IVR contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction and efficient call handling, ensuring no calls are missed and customer issues are promptly resolved.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

The energy-efficient infrastructure of cloud telephony aligns with sustainable business practices, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly approach to communication.

The Impact of Cloud Telephony Services on Different Industries

Cloud telephony has transformed business communication across diverse industries, revolutionizing the way organizations interact with their customers. Its influence spans various sectors, including Finance, Healthcare, and E-commerce, each benefiting from its unique features and capabilities.

Financial Services

In the Financial industry, cloud telephony has streamlined communication, enabling secure and efficient interactions between financial institutions and their clients. With enhanced call management features and integrated CRM systems, businesses can provide personalized and reliable services, ensuring seamless transactions and customer satisfaction.


The Healthcare sector has experienced a significant transformation with the integration of cloud telephony, facilitating improved patient engagement and streamlined communication between healthcare providers and their patients. With features like appointment management, automated reminders, and secure data exchange, healthcare organizations can offer personalized and efficient services, enhancing overall patient experience and care.


E-commerce businesses have leveraged cloud telephony to enhance customer engagement and support, facilitating efficient order management, delivery notifications, and personalized marketing initiatives. With features like automated tracking, product recommendations, and bulk messaging capabilities, E-commerce enterprises can provide a seamless and personalized shopping experience, fostering customer loyalty and business growth.


Educational institutions have embraced cloud telephony to manage student appointments, send notifications, and provide timely updates on academic schedules and events. By integrating with Learning Management Systems, cloud telephony has enabled educators to create personalized experiences, fostering student engagement and academic success.

doocti – The All-in-one Cloud Telephony by Tevatel

Being in the industry for more than 10+ years, we’ve built a cloud telephony after understanding the hurdles in communication faced by businesses. The next-generation contact center doocti enables businesses to integrate their CRM with the call center IVR seamlessly. It is one of the few call center software to integrate with a large number of CRMs through Native API integrations.

Also, doocti is the first ever cloud telephony solution that comes with an in-built CRM that can be customized based on industry requirements. By offering comprehensive omnichannel integration, doocti simplifies the management of diverse communication channels such as WhatsApp, calls, SMS, and email, all within a single unified interface. It prioritizes VoIP security and provides innovative solutions incorporating AI-driven solutions, including the pioneering WhatsApp Bot and Voice Bot.

Some of the Key Functionalities of doocti Cloud Telephony Solution

  1. Customizable In-Built CRM: Experience India’s first call center IVR with an in-built, industry-specific CRM.
  2. Extensive CRM Integration: doocti is the only cloud telephony that seamlessly connects with a wide range of CRMs.
  3. Native API Advantage: The integration goes beyond the basics, incorporating Native API for advanced features like Auto-dialer.
  4. Single-Window Handling: Empower agents with all the necessary information in a single, efficient interface.
  5. IVR Drag-And-Drop Workflow: Craft intricate call flows effortlessly with a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.
  6. Omnichannel Integration: Handle customers across diverse communication channels effortlessly within one unified platform.
  7. WhatsApp Bot Innovation: Elevate customer engagement with a 360° WhatsApp API solution and automation.


Cloud telephony continues to redefine the business communication landscape, catering to diverse industry needs and providing comprehensive solutions for efficient and effective customer engagement. As businesses increasingly adopt cloud telephony, it is on track to become a vital element of every organization’s communication infrastructure, elevating innovation and customer satisfaction. If you’re seeking comprehensive cloud telephony services to enhance your customer engagement, doocti stands out as the optimal choice. Schedule a free demo call to witness how doocti can address your current challenges and simplify your business communication.