Sticky Agent – How Does It Improve Your Customer Experience?

Sticky Agent – How Does It Improve Your Customer Experience?

Sticky Agent is an advanced feature in cloud telephony designed to enhance customer experience by ensuring that callers are connected to the same agent if they call back within a specified timeframe. This eliminates the need for customers to repeat their queries or issues, leading to quicker resolutions and greater satisfaction.

This feature is highly advantageous in sectors prioritizing personalized customer care, such as real estate, travel agencies, and financial services. It’s very helpful during emergencies, for managing complaints and handling escalated issues.

An Example of How Sticky Agent Works

1. Assume a customer calls your customer care number and the call drops after explaining the problem to your agent.

2. Now, the customer calls back but this time a different agent answers the call.

3. The customer has to explain the problem again from the beginning to this agent.

4. This irritates the customer and may make them decide to stop using the service and even put a bad review online.

5. This wouldn’t have happened if your call center used the Sticky Agent feature that connects callers to the same agent if they call again within a specific period.

6. So, if a customer calls more than once within a specific time, they don’t need to explain the same query or problem again to a new agent.

7. This helps improve customers’ call experience and leads to a faster resolution.

Benefits of Sticky Agent Feature

The Sticky Agent feature brings several advantages to call centers, enhancing customer service in the following ways:

  • Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining continuity with the same agent throughout interactions ensures a personalized and consistent customer experience, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Operational Efficiency

Agents can quickly resolve issues without needing to reacquaint themselves with the customer’s history, leading to smoother and more efficient service delivery.

  • Customer Loyalty

Tailoring interactions and ensuring seamless engagement build trust and loyalty among customers, fostering repeat business and generating referrals.

  • Agent Productivity

Agents handle cases more efficiently when they have continuity with customers, reducing the time spent and improving overall productivity.

  • Competitive Edge

Providing a personalized and reliable customer experience sets you apart from competitors, positioning your business as a leader in customer service excellence.

Why Sticky Agent for Sales?

The cloud call center with the Sticky Agent feature in sales operations plays a pivotal role in cultivating trust and nurturing relationships with customers. By ensuring that customers interact consistently with the same agent throughout the sales process, businesses enhance the customer experience and streamline communication. This continuity not only facilitates smoother transactions but also strengthens accountability.

When customers communicate with a familiar agent, it encourages a sense of reliability and commitment, thereby improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction. This personalized approach contributes significantly to building long-term customer loyalty and optimizing sales outcomes.

How To Enable a Sticky Agent?

Follow these guidelines while enabling the Sticky Agent feature. Begin by establishing specific business rules:

  • Configure Agent-based Routing

Set up rules for inbound calls so that they are routed to agents based on predefined criteria such as skill group. You can also map which customers get diverted to this skill group.

  • Tag Customer Phone Numbers

Associate customer phone numbers with agent IDs to ensure calls are consistently directed to the same agent.

  • Source-specific Routing

Direct calls from specific sources, such as inbound web leads or LinkedIn inquiries, to your designated agents.

  • Fallback Rules

Plan for scenarios where the respective agent is unavailable. Decide whether calls should be forwarded to voicemail with an option for automated callback, or rerouted to other available agents.

  • Expiration Settings

Specify the duration for which the Sticky Agent mapping remains active—whether it lasts for a day, a week, or indefinitely.

  • Feedback Mechanism

Implement a mechanism for customers to reset their assigned agent if they are dissatisfied or encounter issues. Incorporate feedback loops or escalation procedures to address customer concerns timely.

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Sticky Agent

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