Revolutionizing Customer Support: The Impact of AI Chatbots in Call Centers

Revolutionizing Customer Support: The Impact of AI Chatbots in Call Centers

Customers have developed higher expectations for the quality and speed of service from a company. It is found that 39% of the customers will avoid the company for two years after encountering a single bad experience with them. They no longer want to spend their time for support from call center representatives, rather they want the response to come instantly.

To meet these conditions, companies are switching to Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots where these bots play a pivotal part in enhancing client support and engagement. In this blog, we’ll explore the ways AI chatbot call center simplifies support operations and enhance the customer experience.

Are Customers Comfortable Interacting With AI?

AI-powered chatbots have now become an integral part of the customer journey, offering customers timely support. With their 24/7 availability and quick responses, chatbots ensure every customer’s queries are addressed, paving the way for enhanced customer satisfaction.

We have recently conducted a poll on our LinkedIn page on whether they are comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence chatbots, and the surprising result was more than 70% have voted “Yes”.

How does AI Chatbot Practically Help to Simplify Customer Support?

Lowers Wait Times

By concurrently addressing multiple queries, AI-powered chatbots play a pivotal role in significantly decreasing customer wait times. These bots deliver prompt responses, ensuring immediate assistance. With their availability 24/7, customers can receive support at any time, regardless of the day, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction and building trust in the service provided.

Automates Customer Data-Collection

AI chatbots such as WhatsApp sales bot streamline the process of gathering valuable information from customers during interactions, enabling you to leverage this data for lead generation and the creation of a comprehensive customer database. These chatbots also store previous interactions, allowing you to provide instant access to your agents. This facilitates a smoother support experience by ensuring that agents are well-informed about the issue before the conversation begins, minimizing any potential hassles.

Answers Common Queries

AI chatbots function as personalized assistants, providing customers with quick and precise answers to their questions, streamlining a seamless self-service experience. Many customer inquiries find quick resolution through the assistance of chatbots. They can inform customers, for instance, about the return item mailing address or guide them through payment procedures, allowing call center agents to allocate their attention to more complex issues, such as warranty concerns or complaints. By adeptly handling 80% of routine queries, chatbots contribute to heightened first-call resolution rates, ensuring prompt resolution of customer issues with minimal delays.

Enhances Agent Efficiency

Through the automation of routine tasks and management of common queries, chatbots liberate human agents’ time, enabling them to concentrate only on critical matters and boosting overall productivity within the call center.  A case study from Ireland indicates a 40% reduction in agent handling time and an 11% increase in conversion rates, showcasing the positive impact of using chatbots to enhance customer experiences. This demonstrates the valuable contributions AI chatbots bring to customer service.

Reducing Operational Expenses

Without employing AI-powered chatbots, businesses may need to expand their human workforce or explore alternative means to address customer queries around the clock. Hiring additional human call center agents or outsourcing tasks to third-party contractors proves to be costlier and less efficient compared to the service and effectiveness offered by chatbots in certain scenarios. The implementation of an AI chatbot call center can result in significant cost savings for businesses by neglecting the need for more human hires and external contractors.

WhatsApp Chatbot – The Game Changer

In today’s digital era, WhatsApp has evolved into an indispensable component of customer support, providing a familiar and convenient platform for customer-business interactions. With an AI chatbot seamlessly integrated into WhatsApp, customer support becomes more accessible and efficient, enabling customers to receive immediate assistance and personalized solutions directly through their preferred messaging app.

Tevatel offers a comprehensive 360-degree WhatsApp API solution with its doocti cloud telephony, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer support and engagement through the convenience of an AI chatbot call center. The doocti no-code WhatsApp sales bot solution is a product designed to empower businesses to efficiently manage inquiries, generate leads, and schedule appointments on WhatsApp.

  1. Streamline responses for up to 75% of customer queries through automation.
  2. Achieve a 33% reduction in agent handling time, enhancing operational efficiency.
  3. Boost message open rates by an impressive 90%, ensuring a higher engagement level with customers.


The integration of AI chatbots into call centers and customer service operations offers a potent and cost-efficient solution for businesses to elevate customer experiences, boost agent performance, and optimize operational efficiency. Through AI chatbots, businesses can provide outstanding customer support, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you are opting to implement AI in your sales or support operations, Tevatel’s AI chat and voice bot solutions can create a smooth customer service experience, promoting effortless communication and elevating overall customer satisfaction.