Add Value To Your Call Center With Aster-PBX By Tevatel

With its twofold functionalities- the classical and advanced PBX, aster PBX telephony solutions are sure to give you the best features usually associated with large and high-end proprietary PBX’s.

classical and advanced PBX-aster pbx

All the right features, within reach

call connection to customer

Easier to Handle as Compared to Proprietary Phone Systems

After closely studying aster PBX, experts have stated that while Proprietary systems are often pose a cumbersome task to the handlers in terms of configurations and installations, Aster PBX ensures better familiarity to developers while giving a front-end GUI.

Better Flexibility Through Network Navigations

Ensuring cost affordability for all our clients, Aster PBX makes it super-simple to add more and more branch offices connected through the internet. Similar advantages are rendered when you have to move phones and PC’s.

Network Navigations via aster pbx

Features Of Aster PBX

Software based Advanced IP Solutions

Reducing the dependency upon hardwares, ASTER PBX offers a software based advanced IP solution for better and smoother functioning of call center activities from almost anywhere

Access to Remote Extensions

The adaptability of ASTER PBX is evident in the fact that the employees do not always have to reach the office to start working. Instead, they can simply plug in a compatible IP-Phone at home to the internet and connect extension dialing

Advanced Conferencing and Calls Recording

the in-call features for Aster PBX include call parking, audio conferencing, call routing and protocol conversion, to name a few.

Unified Messaging-Voice and Fax to Mail

listening to your voice and fax messages while converting them to mails is one of the features provided by ASTER PBX

Time Based Call Routing

With time-based call routing, you can adjust you incoming calls according to the agent availability in specific timelines of the day.

Simpler and Effective Management

we can ensure that the current GUI that we offer tends to be more user-friendly than conventional PBX’s used, hence, leaving a scope for easier additions and changes.

Are  you ready to witness  the wonder that smarter conversations create

Being highly user-friendly is our speciality. Yes! TevaTel will let you work smoothly in the device you’re using now

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