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Taking your conference calls to another level, TevaTel lets multiple people on various phones to dial-in to a same call via a central conferencing line. With these audio-only connections, you can hear and talk to all the people connected on a single line

cloud based call center software- crew call

All the right features, within reach

cloud call center software- crew call

Meetings made easy with conferencing

Your meetings are now made quicker and easier by Tevatel with the exclusive feature of being flexible and highly secure. This is done by assigning a unique and universal audio-conferencing bridge dial in phone number, while all the users are given a unique host code and participant code which are highly personal to their use. Such characteristic promotes multiple conference calls at the same time within the company and no one disturbs no one!

Hosts have full control of the conference call

Being a smart host, you can now perform multiple tasks to strengthen your control over the call. These include sending invitations with full dial-in details via e-mails or SMS text messaging. Further, you can easily manage participant logistics by taking a caller count, blocking unwanted callers and get audio tunes every time a caller exits or joins the call. The discrete touch commands for muting, recording call-flips, continuing calls over multiple devices and officially end calls help you in gaining an authoritative control.

call center dialer software- crew call

Conferencing works across devices.

With flexible conferencing systems, let you work from wherever you go. Be it a desk phone, a mobile phone or a computer, you are free to choose and even switch between devices while an ongoing conference call. All this is done without interruption since both the participants and the host does not have to remember the access codes. One click and its done!

Call Center Features

Conference Mode

this feature helps you in gaining full control over the call by letting you select the entry mode options (unmute, group mute or lecture mode), before the participants enter the call.


Dial-out enables the call leader to directly dial out to group of participants from an on-going conference and bring them into the call.

Conference Continuation

This feature allows the participants to stay on the call even with your absence. The call ends once the last user disconnects.

Group Mute/ Unmute

To cut off all the background noise and interruptions, Crewcall Web Interface allows you to silence all the participant’s lines on one click.

Lecture Mode

While using the lecture mode, the participants can unmute themselves and allow you to deliver your message uninterrupted at the same time.

Lock/Unlock Calls

While you always have the option of dialing out, locking a conference call helps in preventing additional participants from joining the call.

Admin Control

The admin control feature from crew call lets you have a private and real-time view of the activities of all the participants including the names of individuals waiting to ask a question and other information. All this is done using a web-based user interface.

Auto-Call Recording

The auto call recording feature lets you automatically record all the calls without giving access to any other member to do the contrary. Moreover, you don’t have to manually prompt any button for beginning the recording.

Blacklist Numbers

Set customized schedules to confirm exactly when each of your numbers are available to receive calls.

Simple for admins and users

One-click integrations

Connect TevaTel with your CRM or Helpdesk to centralize activity and automate call logging.

Intuitive controls

Reduce training from months to minutes with elegant apps your agents will appreciate.

Easy to manage

Add new numbers, teammates, or routing rules on the fly. No IT consultants required.

Are  you ready to witness  the wonder that smarter conversations create

Being highly user-friendly is our speciality. Yes! TevaTel will let you work smoothly in the device you’re using now

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