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track call center marketing ROI by just one single phone

What if we tell you that your entire marketing ROI can be tracked by just one single phone number!

Sounds interesting? TevaTel brings to your service, an ultra-efficient performance tracking system that gives you a clear picture of where your ad campaigns are working and how! Hence, welcome reduced wastage of time and effort while you walk towards better solutions.

How It Works

Integration of Call Center with CRM

Give a unique virtual number for every ad launched

Giving a unique virtual number for every ad campaign lets you include exophones for each one of them.

Make your ad reach the target audience effectively

While tracking your ad performance and reach, we let the calls land on your virtual numbers that are incorporated in almost every ad and campaign.

track your ad performance and reach using virtual numbers
Benefits of routed calls for your business

Benefit from routed calls for your business

After the creation of a detailed dashboard, all the calls received henceforth, are made to reach the significant teams and agents via call routing

Analyze call data after capturing it

Assignment of unique virtual numbers aids in the collection of data, which is further received through the calls based on different campaigns. Such detailed call data helps in the analysis of performance for every ad and campaign.

Analyzing call data

Advantages of masked phone numbers

Creation of an enhanced database of potential customers

Collect all of your customer information in one place. No phone numbers lost due to mismanagement.

Get to know the exact workability of each campaign

With full access to analysis of the call database, you become fully capable of tracking the number of leads generated by each campaign, thus giving you the information about what worked best for your business.

Never miss a lead

Since all the calls routed through Exotel are tracked and recorded, you won’t miss out on a single lead

Detailed call analytics

This feature helps in getting real-time status about the nature of every call you receive along with caller information, duration of calls and others.

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