Enhanced Customer Privacy With Phone Number Masking

You can now set your business at a higher pedestal by letting your customers connect to the drivers, delivery personnel and vendors without compromising on their privacy or giving away their phone numbers.

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What is number masking?

What is number masking?

Phone Number masking is the latest way of setting high privacy standards for your business through call center software. This is done by safeguarding the identities of both the parties and prevent misuse of sensitive information by anonymizing the phone numbers and identities.

How It Works

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Assigning driver/executive to the customer

When a specific executive is given the task to handle a particular customer, the ‘call customer’ button on the app automatically places the call to TevaTel’s virtual number without revealing the actual number.

TevaTel then reaches your server

After this process, TevaTel reaches your server with the executive/driver’s details and lets your server respond with the corresponding customer’s number.

virtual number details reachserver
call connection to customer

Calls happen through TevaTel

Now, TevaTel connects the assigned executive to the relevant customer quickly.

Customer number masked

By bridging the gap between the customer and the executive via virtual numbers, the actual customer/ passenger numbers are masked.

adding virtual numbers

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Advantages Through Number Masking

Ensure customer privacy

As a step towards the customer-oriented services, number masking retains the total privacy of the customer, hence letting you act as the responsible business that you are!

In-platform transactions

Another major benefit of having your number masked through TevaTel is that it avoids all the off-platform transactions and renders the businesses with better opportunities to monetize.

Newer standards for saving costs

As a business in working, we fully understand the importance of saving costs wherever possible. Thus, we bring to you, a system where connecting to your customer becomes cost-efficient with TevaTel since it does rob your employees of their mobile balance.

Real-time analysis and tracking possible

With TevaTel, you can gain real-time insights into all customer conversations while tracking and recording them at the same time.

How Do Businesses Benefit from Number Masking

Managing customer and vendor communication

The benefit from number masking is two-fold. Apart from tracking and managing all the call- generated leads, you can also prevent conversations that go off-track and control them.

Last-mile delivery tracking

Your delivery agent can now reach out to the customer over a call (if the need arises), without having access to their actual phone numbers.

Protected Interactions between the customer and driver

number masking allows full customer privacy and keeps customer information private to prevent misuse of sensitive data.

Industries that use number masking

Ecommerce, 3PL and Food Delivery

The number masking feature ensures that the businesses strictly adhere to the PDPA and other similar laws by making interactions possible, wherein the contact details of the customers are not revealed.


Efficient tracking to generate leads and perform controlled in-platform conversation are added benefits of number masking given to businesses by TevaTel.

Car and Bike Aggregators

Keeping passenger safety at the top priority, number masking ensures that no passenger information is shared with the drivers.

Try Tevatel’s number masking solution free for 15 days

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