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Add Value To Your Call Center With Predictive Dialing Software

Our predictive dialing software automatically dials phone numbers from a list, and will only call the phone numbers that are likely to answer. It eliminates the need for manual dialing, callbacks, and does it all for a fraction of the cost. The best part? It’s scalable to any size business – we’ve we’ve already worked with companies as large and small business.

predictive dialing software
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Features Of Your Call Center 2.0 With Doocti

Call Routing

The call routing feature sends specific calls to the predetermined queue, which is decided based on specific criteria.

Call Transfer

Call transfer relocates an existing call to another agent in case the actual agent is busy or the caller needs some specific piece of information.

Ring Groups

You can share the distribution of incoming calls through a group of extensions when you use ring groups feature.

Call Queuing

Call queuing places the incoming calls to be answered in a queue, while the extension users are busy attending other calls.

Useful Analysis and Insights

Timely tracking agents’ performances and call data help in generating essential team leads and strategies for management and action.

DOOCTI is Highly Collaborative

Setting up a single platform for all the calling work demands all-agent supportive communication devices such as mobiles, handsets, and IP Phones.

Automation of Tasks

Seamless automation of almost all manual work done from the agent’s end results in better customer interaction.

Deliver at Scale

While currently supporting 30+ application integrations across various categories of sales, CRM, consumer support and others, we ensure complete adaptability of our solutions. It integrates business needs with consumer needs to provide better flexibility at scale.

Maximizing results through REST API

Smoother workflow and accurate analysis are what define our REST API, which performs the essential functions of making calls from your application, matching incoming calls with existing customer data, gathering call recordings and contextual data of customers, automatic generation of tickets, logging calls and sending CSAT’s, entering new leads and much more.

Predictive Dialing- Boosts Customer Loyalty and Improves Communication with Customers

Predictive dialers are software programs that use predictive modeling to determine which customers are likely to be in their target market. This is done with the help of customer data collected from past sales. A predictive dialer makes telephone calls to customers who are likely to be interested in the company’s products or services. Predictive dialers are commonly used by businesses large and small, but they are especially advantageous for small businesses. Predictive dialers can reduce

the number of cold calls that need to be made to get in touch with potential customers, which saves time and energy.The main advantage of predictive dialers is that they can save a lot of time by reducing the number of cold calls that need to be made while still reaching the same number of potential customers.

Seamless CRM and Phone Integration for All Businesses

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