Customer Stories : Dream Gains

The Company :

Dream Gains is a financial investment advisory company delighting its clients with wide-ranging, secured and finest financial solutions. They aim to do this by being responsive towards clients and strive relentlessly to improve. Energy, speed, growth, discipline are some of the common words you get to hear at Dream Gains.

The Challenge:

To reach out to a large segment of prospective customers, Dream Gains need to constantly expand the market reach and it adapted software based contact center to call prospects.

The previous solution adapted was forcing them to take each number from an excel data base on to a soft dialer / hard phone and dial manually. There is no provision to assign leads to agents and call data reports were scattered in Excel and cloud CRM. All this is resulting in low calling rate and lower conversions. The contact center was not performing to its full potential.

The Tevetal Solution :

The solution came in the form of our DOOCTI software. Auto dialing with integration with ZOHO CRM is offered. The telephone solution is fully synchronized with CRM. This is to enable direct fetching of leads from data base of CRM. Enhanced automatic report generation and access to voice recording was made an integral part of the solution. Every care was taken to ensure merging of Telecom and CRM solutions.

The Impact :

• Dramatic increase in call attempts

• 25% increase in connection rate

• 27% increase in agent efficiency

• Easy allocation of leads to agents

• Improvement in customer interaction due to full integration with Zoho.

• Enhanced reporting helped in identifying top performers

• Overall increase in productivity and sales conversion.

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